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2023 Annual Conference of the Electrical Branch of the China Architectural Society

From May 7th to May 9th, 2023, under the guidance of the China Architectural Society, the 2023 Annual Conference of the Electrical Branch of the China Architectural Society was held in Dayuan City, Shanxi Province. With the theme "Smart Numbers Empower a Dual-Carbon Future," this academic conference closely follows industry trends. Industry experts and outstanding enterprises were invited to discuss topics related to the green and low-carbon development of the building electrical industry, digital intelligence, photovoltaic new energy, and other cutting-edge technologies under dual-carbon goals. The conference aimed to share and exchange the latest research and design achievements and explore the application and development of new technologies in the building electrical field.

CEEG focuses on the product philosophy of "safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection," committed to providing innovative solutions in the field of power and new energy, empowering global innovation and green sustainable development. During the conference, CEEG engaged in discussions with over 200 working electrical designers and colleagues from across the country about transformer products and innovative technologies for the dual-carbon future. At the CEEG booth, the wide variety of products, low energy consumption, and high performance attracted numerous designers from design institutes in various provinces and cities. Notably, amorphous alloy dry-type transformers and SC (B) series epoxy cast dry-type transformers became focal points of interest for many designers. Many inquirers exchanged contact information with our staff and expressed their intentions for collaboration.

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  1. SC (B) Series Epoxy Cast Dry-Type Transformer

    Since the introduction of CEEG's SC (B) series products, they have been supplied to over 20,000 customers nationwide, with more than 120,000 dry-type transformers deployed. Widely applied in critical industries such as coal, steel, petrochemicals, and metallurgy, these products have earned recognition from customers for their safety, reliability, and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly performance. Currently, the products are exported to multiple countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

  1. Amorphous Alloy Dry-Type Transformer

    CEEG's unique three-phase three-limb amorphous alloy transformer represents a novel power transformer that employs amorphous alloy instead of silicon steel sheets for the core material. It yields a reduction of approximately 70%-80% in no-load losses and around 85% in no-load current compared to silicon steel cores. This makes it a highly energy-efficient distribution transformer, particularly suitable for low distribution utilization rates and environments requiring high flame resistance, explosion resistance, and fire protection. Applications span rural power grids, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, subways, airports, stations, industrial and mining enterprises, and power plants. For instance, a 2500KVA amorphous alloy dry-type transformer can save 21,000 kWh of electricity annually. Considering 50 units, this translates to a yearly energy savings of 1.05 million kWh and a reduction of approximately 420 tons in coal consumption, equating to a nearly 1050-ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

  2. Smart IoT Solutions

    Over the past decade, CEEG Electrical has not only continually researched and improved transformer technology but also dedicated itself to the advancement of smart IoT technology applications. This includes developing sensors, intelligent diagnosis AI algorithms, energy efficiency management, and asset management platform solutions. The launch of Smart IoT Solutions has positioned CEEG Electrical in the industrial IoT market and initiated a new chapter. This has assisted thousands of global enterprises in achieving secure, efficient data integration and analysis for optimized decision-making. This enhances their innovation capabilities and competitiveness. Applications span equipment monitoring, asset health, predictive maintenance, energy management, emission monitoring, collaborative operations, remote support, virtual debugging, and more. The launch of the Smart IoT Mini Program provides customers with swift access to CEEG Electrical's intelligent products and solutions. It offers various formats, including videos, texts, and real-time communication, serving as operational guidance and an online communication channel for customers.

    By participating in the 2023 Annual Conference of the Electrical Branch of the China Architectural Society, CEEG will further implement the significant decisions of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. This aligns with the specific goals of China's "2030 Carbon Peak + 2060 Carbon Neutrality" initiative, accelerating the establishment of a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development. It also actively fosters the advancement of building electrical technology, academic exchanges, and the development and application of new products. This, in turn, propels the green, healthy, and sustainable development of the building electrical industry in the context of the new era.

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