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Advantages of SC Series Transformers - Advanced Production Equipment

Heidrich Pouring Tank

1. Equipped with full online film degassing function.

2. Utilizes static mixing, no contamination, no waste.

3. Mixing ratios are parameterizable and pouring speed is adjustable.

4. The vacuum level inside can reach 0.8 to 2.5 bar, facilitating resin penetration.

Horizontal and Vertical Cutting Lines

1. Precision machining with a tolerance of 0.01mm, controlled burrs within 0.02mm.

2. Capable of processing 0.18mm silicon steel sheets, meeting energy-efficient product requirements.

3. Fully digitalized control across the entire line, with automatic width adjustment to meet 24/7 continuous operation, ensuring high stability and effective production efficiency.

High-Pressure Winding Machine and Low-Pressure Digital Foil Winding Machine

1. Utilizes motor-driven tensioning technology, providing stable and accurate tension throughout the winding process, preventing inconsistent coil tension.

2. Foil tape alignment achieved through non-contact optical sensor detection, ensuring high precision alignment.

3. Copper foil thickness of up to 2.5mm and coil outer diameter of up to 1m are supported.

4. Fully touchscreen operated with automatic counting capability.

Technological Advantages

1. R&D Personnel: Currently, there are 41 research and development team members, with 80% holding engineer-level titles.

2. R&D Institutions: The Technology Center serves as a permanent research institution and has research platforms such as the Jiangsu Province Power Transformer Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and the Jiangsu Province Graduate Workstation. Collaborating with research institutions and universities including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Jiangsu University, we have undertaken research projects such as the "Collaborative Design Platform for the Transformer Industry" and "Transformer Smart Cloud Platform."

3. R&D Cloud Platform: Integrating functions like electromagnetic optimization design, parametric drawing, performance analysis, and structural optimization, this platform facilitates resource sharing in transformer design and enables data retrieval, modification, and version control.

Design Innovation Capability

Simulation Analysis: Flow field, temperature field, electric field, magnetic leakage field, wave process, and short-circuit force.

For the development and design of each product series, simulation analyses of flow fields and temperature fields are conducted to determine average coil temperature rise and hot spot temperatures, ensuring product performance.

CEEG IoT Cloud Platform

Smart Operations and Maintenance Platform: By collecting key data such as temperature, current, voltage, vibration, and power grid harmonics from transformers, online power quality analysis and fault alerts can be achieved, with installation available on mobile devices.

Quality Management System

The company fully implements the "Three Standards and One Integration" management principle, integrating and controlling the five important aspects of man, machine, material, method, and environment. Clear quality control points and management methods are established in the material, design, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, and service stages to ensure product safety, environmental friendliness, and reliability throughout its lifecycle.

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