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CEEC Energy Storage Containers - Embarking on a Journey to South Africa

On October 25th, the CEEC energy storage container set forth from the production base, once again heading overseas! The successful delivery of this order marks a significant strategic milestone for CEEC in accelerating its global expansion in the energy storage market.

The solar energy storage system destined for South Africa integrates components such as lithium iron phosphate battery clusters, PCS, isolation transformers, STS, ATS, EMS, and more. The pre-production phase rigorously adhered to the design and development process, encompassing meticulous selection of electrical equipment, strategic EMS management programming based on client design requirements, rational structural design, and comprehensive technical reviews of temperature rise throughout the entire system. These measures ensure the reliability and technological leadership of the product. With multiple advantages, including high safety and cost-effectiveness, the product has found wide application in various scenarios such as photovoltaic storage, wind power storage, thermal power augmentation, and commercial and industrial storage.

In recent years, CEEC has steadfastly pursued a "dual-cycle" development path for both domestic and international markets. Exports have seen consistent and substantial growth, with the proportion of overseas revenue continuously rising. Up to now, the company has successfully delivered numerous overseas projects, including the Bodi International Stacker-Reclaimer Project in Mongolia, the IX35MW Self-Generation Power Station Project at Sidoarjo MSE Paper Mill in Indonesia, the Turbine Generator Set Project in the Philippines, the Kashiwazaki Project in Japan, the Dingheng 115kV Substation Project in Thailand, the LANJIGARH 130MW Cogeneration Project in India, the APEQ New Zealand Gold Mine Project, and the NSCI Waste Heat Utilization Project in Malaysia.

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