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CEEG implements the knowledge of the two sessions

CEEG earnestly studies the "spirit of the two sessions", accelerates the development of new productive forces, promotes the construction of new power systems and new energy systems, proposes a development path of "moving toward numbers, toward new growth", and closely focuses on "promoting technological transformation, strengthening management, With the central mission of increasing production capacity, improving quality, controlling costs and promoting safety, we will further strengthen internal management, expand the scale of production capacity, take high-end, intelligent and green as the direction, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and enhance core competitiveness. Focus on increasing investment in product research and development and industrial information intelligent technological transformation to help advance the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” action plan and promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry and the development of new energy storage fields.

1. Driven by innovation, new products emerge one after another

We will seek progress while ensuring growth maintaining stability, and improving the quality and efficiency of production and operations. CEEG has been working intensively for thirty-four years, from microwave detectors to transformers; from the photovoltaic industry to the energy storage field. Every breakthrough keeps pace with the times and actively promotes changes in the energy landscape of China and the world. Today, CEEG has established a new green and low-carbon industrial layout represented by transformers and power transmission and distribution equipment, wind and solar hydrogen storage, and intelligent power distribution systems.

In 2023, the company successfully developed SCZ18-6300/22/22 low-loss isolation transformer, SFPZ20-40000/110 main transformer, SFZ18-200000/220GY plateau photovoltaic boost main transformer, and ZHSS-12000/35 24-pulse oil-immersed transformer. A batch of new green and energy-saving power transformers and special transformers such as hydrogen rectifier transformers.

In 2024, the company will continue to increase its research and development efforts, focus on key energy areas and major needs, strengthen technological innovation, vigorously promote energy-saving products, accelerate green transformation, and support the "double carbon" action plan.

2. Helping the dream of green hydrogen “carbon” road to the future

Hydrogen energy is the "ultimate energy source of the 21st century". Against the backdrop of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, CEEG continues to consolidate its dominant position in rectifier transformers and provide high-quality transformer solutions for green hydrogen production from renewable energy sources in China.

On December 29, 2023, the country’s first 10,000-ton new energy hydrogen production project, the Narisong Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production Industry Demonstration Project in Jungar Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, was successfully connected to the grid. This project uses the ZHSS-12000/35 24-pulse IGBT hydrogen production rectifier transformer independently developed, designed, and manufactured by CEEG. Based on the original rectifier transformer technology, precise and refined innovation and upgrades are carried out so that the product can meet customer satisfaction at one time and be put into production quickly, helping customers realize benefit transformation.

CEEG rectifier transformers are widely used in the hydrogen production industry, and the market has repeatedly proven their excellent performance. It is widely used in domestic and foreign hydrogen production projects such as the Ningxia Muhe 200MW/400MWh energy storage project, the Xinyi hydrogen energy project, and the Canadian single 1000m3 hydrogen production project. The product has ultra-low loss and obvious energy-saving effects, contributing green energy to the project.

In the future, CEEG will continue to optimize product performance, deliver high-quality products to more projects, and promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry to the "fast lane."

International "green trade barriers" are gradually emerging as the world accelerates towards the carbon-neutral era. my country's manufacturing industry is important in achieving the "double carbon" goal. CEEG will continue to work hard, respond to the recommendations of the two sessions, vigorously develop new productive forces, be a "pioneer on the carbon road", and contribute to the in-depth implementation of the country's "double carbon" goal. The strategic goal is to accelerate the realization of high-quality green transformation and upgrading of my country's electric power industry and provide strong technical support and product guarantees.

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