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CEEG Intelligent Cloud Platform Is Officially Launched!

With the widespread application of new technologies of the Internet of Things and the continuous breakthrough of modern technology intelligent systems, intelligent operation and maintenance of user-side power distribution rooms have become the general trend. To get rid of the shackles of the traditional operation and maintenance model, a new technology of intelligent power distribution and intelligent operation and maintenance has emerged as the times require.

CEEG, as the provider of system solutions in the field of electric power and new energy, has been deeply involved in the research and development of intelligent power distribution systems for many years, aiming to provide customers with high-quality intelligent operation and maintenance and monitoring services for power distribution rooms based on the smart management cloud platform. The grand launch of the "CEEG Intelligent Cloud Platform" will be officially launched and put into operation at 10 a.m. on June 28, 2023!

Do you also have such troubles in the operation and maintenance of power equipment-the system deployment cycle is long, power outages are required to install various terminals, remote operation, and maintenance is not intuitive, on-site faults cannot be handled in time, box transformers are widely distributed, and fires cannot be handled in time, the system architecture is chaotic, it is difficult to upgrade and expand in the later stage, and the labor cost is high, which drives the continuous increase of operation and maintenance costs.

Compared with the traditional operation and maintenance systems on the market, the CEEG intelligent cloud starts from the underlying logic of intelligent operation and maintenance, uses Internet thinking, adopts the integration of Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence, and develops a set that conforms to universality and takes into account Specific, systematic solutions.

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CEEG intelligent cloud is different from traditional systems in the following aspects:

1. Forward-looking system architecture realizes dual-engine drive

CEEG intelligent cloud platform fully considers the monitoring needs and business processes of smart power distribution rooms and proactively adopts the "cloud-management-edge-terminal" standard power Internet of Things system proposed by the State Grid.

2. Remote centralized operation and maintenance realizes only interaction

In order to take into account the user experience of operation and maintenance, CEEG intelligent cloud platform adopts digital twin technology to realize the user interaction interface of friends, and the operation and maintenance personnel can carry out the operation and maintenance inspection work in the virtual scene on the remote monitoring platform; at the same time, the platform adopts the dynamic power distribution diagram Presentation form, operation and maintenance personnel can observe the monitoring data and switch status of each line on the power distribution diagram.

3. Realize rapid on-site deployment and "senseless" commissioning

CEEG intelligent cloud adopts machine vision technology to realize anomaly detection and alarm, reducing the types of sensors that need to be deployed on-site. At the same time, the intelligent terminal adopts advanced equipment such as wireless communication and induction power acquisition technology, open-type transformer, etc, which simplifies the difficulty of deployment, reduces the power outage time of deployment, and realizes "non-inductive" commissioning.

4. Realize the emergency treatment of sudden fire

The CEEG intelligent cloud platform is also interconnected with the automatic fire extinguishing device. When the fire sensor (smoke alarm, carbon monoxide sensor, smart camera, etc.) in the layout and power distribution room sends out a warning, the operation and maintenance personnel can remotely input the authority password to trigger the fire extinguishing device to start. , control the fire to a minimum.

5. Remote operation and maintenance exception handling is safe and efficient

The CEEG intelligent cloud platform can quickly and efficiently handle on-site abnormalities and prevent the expansion of the impact of failures. When the platform detects an abnormality and quickly starts the warning and automatic control logic, the background operation and maintenance personnel will simultaneously intervene in the remote control circuit and switch off the equipment, realizing the combination of on-site fault automatic processing and remote control, which is safer and more efficient.

6. Voice interaction can efficiently switch the large-screen display interface

In view of the problem that professional background operations are required to switch content on the monitoring large screen, the CEEG intelligent cloud platform has a built-in intelligent voice interaction function, and users can easily switch the content displayed on the large screen in the monitoring room at any time, which is faster and more efficient.

To solve customer needs, CEEG intelligent cloud guards customer value.

Under the premise of digitalization and low-carbon sustainable development, CEEG intelligent cloud, as the "digital engine" of intelligent power distribution, provides customers with diversified and systematic solutions based on customer value.

1. Realize real-time situational awareness of the operating status of power distribution equipment and environmental data.

2. Remote inspection of virtual scenes makes remote operation and maintenance more intuitive.

3. Using machine vision technology, real-time insight into and warning of on-site abnormalities.

4. The combination of self-made self-healing logic and remote intervention processing improves the safety index of on-site operation.

5. Adopt artificial intelligence technology to provide early warning and forecast, give operation and maintenance opinions, and improve operation and maintenance energy efficiency.

6. Energy consumption analysis, project management, voice interaction, and other functional modules provide users with more value-added services.

Open intelligent operation and maintenance, CEEG intelligent cloud platform customized solutions

As a smart platform that uses digital technology to lead the intelligent operation and maintenance of new power systems, CEEG Smart Cloud can start from the different needs of different customers and can meet the needs of customers at all levels of "cloud, management, edge, terminal" and operation and maintenance business models One-to-one customization with actual site conditions (especially special industry scenarios such as energy storage field and high-speed bridge tunnel engineering) to create the cost-effective power distribution monitoring and operation and maintenance system for customers.

CEEG intelligent Cloud is willing to become the "digital engine" of intelligent power distribution, continuously empowering the intelligent construction and transformation of traditional power distribution rooms, and helping traditional enterprises to digitally transform and upgrade!

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