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CEEG Invited to Attend the 2023 National Data Center Electrical Design Summit

On March 17, 2023, under the guidance of the Electrical Branch of the China Exploration and Design Association and the Electrical Branch of the China Building Energy Conservation Association, jointly organized by Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Asia-Pacific Construction Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd., and the editorial team of "Intelligent Building Electrical Technology" magazine, the "2023 National Data Center Electrical Design Summit" was successfully held in Shanghai! More than 200 experts from design institutes, associations, and the industry were invited to collectively explore new trends, advancements, and challenges in data center electrical design, discussing the development of data centers. CEEG Electrical was invited to participate in this summit, sharing its experiences and technology in the field of data center electrification alongside other relevant enterprises.

Within the exhibition hall, CEEG showcased products and solutions to the attendees, with a focus on amorphous alloy transformers and the SC (B) series epoxy cast dry-type transformers. Engineers from various design institutes and peers involved in data center construction approached CEEG's booth for consultation, expressing their intentions to collaborate. CEEG Electrical's market representatives introduced the company's advantages in terms of industry, scale, production capacity, and core product competitiveness, and exchanged contact information with interested parties.

During the forum, CEEG highlighted that in the era of mobile internet, the continuous increase in data traffic has elevated the significance of data centers, which are considered the "granaries" of the internet era. With the significant power demands of data centers, encompassing data processing, transmission, storage, and operational equipment, their importance is steadily growing. CEEG's amorphous alloy transformers and SC (B) series epoxy cast dry-type transformers incorporate unique patented technologies. After years of research and product iteration, these products have matured to offer excellent attributes such as "safety, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and reliability." From design and construction to operation, when integrated with intelligent electrical design, they help enterprises reduce costs, shorten project timelines, rationally control energy consumption, and ensure safety and stability.

This event fostered strong connections between CEEG and relevant enterprises, further advancing the development of the digital center electrification domain. It is a significant stride toward supporting the construction and operation of "green digital centers".

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