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CEEG's Intelligent Substation Shipped to Indonesia, Promoting Energy Upgrades for SDE Coal Mine

Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, boasts coal reserves exceeding 100 billion tons, which can be mined for nearly sixty years, making it China's largest coal importer. The prefabricated cabin-style intelligent substation shipped this time is intended for the SDE Mine's Qinfa No. 1 Coal Washing Plant project.

As Indonesia's first large-scale underground mining operation, the commissioning of the SDE Mine marks the beginning of underground coal mining in Indonesia. This development is significant for transforming and upgrading Indonesia's mining industry and its economic and social development. It will have long-term implications for Indonesia and the global energy industry.

Coal washing, an indispensable process in deep coal processing, demands high stability and intelligence in the power supply. During the preparation phase of the project, the CEEG R&D team engaged in in-depth technical exchanges with the client to tailor a prefabricated cabin-style intelligent substation. This substation integrates advanced automation control technology and high-efficiency power equipment, offering advantages such as easy installation, smart operation and maintenance, and high energy efficiency.

CEEG's prefabricated cabin-style intelligent substation features a container-type shell, standardized design, factory customization and delivery, and on-site assembly construction. The modular combination of electrical equipment includes transformers, high-voltage switchgear, control equipment, low-voltage switchgear, internal wiring, metering, compensation, surge arresters, and other auxiliary equipment. These components are housed within a common shell or a set of shells. The shell options vary and can be non-metallic or container-type according to demand. The equipment is tested and commissioned according to relevant standards.

As the global energy structure transitions and electricity demand grows, intelligent substations will play an increasingly important role in power infrastructure. By successfully providing a prefabricated cabin-style intelligent substation for the Indonesian coal washing plant project, China Electric showcases its strong capabilities in intelligent power equipment. Further, it strengthens its position in the international market.

Looking ahead, CEEG will continue to follow market trends, delve deeper into intelligent power equipment, drive breakthroughs in key technologies, and convert achievements. The company aims to keep pace with the times and continuously provide high-quality power solutions to the world.

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