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CEEG Special-Purpose Dry-Type Transformers

Traction Rectifier Transformer:

Rated Capacity: 800 to 4400 kVA, Voltage Levels: 10 kV and 35 kV, Rectifier Pulse Numbers: 12-pulse and 24-pulse. The 24-pulse rectifier circuit reduces harmonic pollution to the power grid by 50% compared to the 12-pulse rectifier circuit, eliminating the need for filtering equipment in that location. Suitable for power supply systems in urban subways and rail transportation.

Excitation Rectifier Transformer:

Rated Quantity: 315 to 3000 x 3 kVA, Voltage Levels: 10 kV, 13.8 kV, 15.75 kV, 20 kV, and 22 kV. Typically designed with a single-phase structure, high-voltage phase-segregated enclosed busbar input, and shielding between high-voltage coils. Suitable for static excitation systems in hydroelectric and thermal power plants.

General Rectifier Transformer:

Rated Capacity: 315 to 4000 kVA, Voltage Levels: 10 kV and 35 kV. Suitable for rectification systems in general industrial and mining enterprises.

H-Bridge Rectifier Transformer:

Rated Capacity: 315 to 2500 kVA, Voltage Levels: 3 kV and 6 kV.Each phase can consist of 3 to 9 windings, which can be combined in pairs through phase-shifting connections to form an H-bridge rectifier. Suitable for motor AC-DC variable frequency power supply systems.

Three-Phase Five-Limb Rectifier Transformer:

Rated Capacity: 30 to 2500 kVA, Voltage Levels: 10 kV and 35 kV. Used in double delta rectifier circuits, it allows for the elimination of balanced reactors and reduces the impact of voltage regulation currents. It also reduces the transportation height. Suitable for transformers with limited installation space or those used in delta rectifier systems.

Metallurgical Electric Furnace Transformer:

Rated Current: Less than 20,000 A, Voltage Levels: 10 kV and 35 kV, Equipped with no-excitation voltage regulation tap switch. Suitable for high-current electric furnace power supply systems in metallurgy.

Marine and Offshore Platform Transformers:

Rated Capacity: 30 to 10,000 kVA, Voltage Levels: 0.38 kV and 35 kV, Certified by China Classification Society, and holds the China Classification Society Marine Product Type Approval Certificate. Suitable for power supply systems on ships and offshore drilling platforms.

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