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CEEG Successfully Develops Outdoor SCZ18-10000/35 High Voltage, Large Capacity Dry-Type Transformer

CEEG Successfully Develops Outdoor SCZ18-10000/35 High Voltage, Large Capacity Dry-Type Transformer

Through repeated simulations and meticulous design and manufacturing, our team has successfully overcome technical challenges to ensure that the product can operate safely and reliably under special climatic conditions. This achievement also provides the company with valuable experience in developing power equipment for complex environments:

1. Innovative Design for Extreme Climate Conditions

The R&D team fully considered the unique climatic conditions of the area of use, particularly the impact of low temperatures and extreme weather. They adopted low-temperature-resistant materials and flame-retardant resin. These materials maintain stable performance in cold environments and ensure fire safety in substations. These innovative designs significantly enhance the reliability and durability of the substation under harsh climatic conditions.

2. Application of Special Anti-Creepage Coating

To further enhance the safety of the substation, the team designed a special anti-creepage coating for the transformer's surface. This coating not only prevents erosion from frost and snow but also effectively prevents creepage phenomena under extreme weather conditions, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power equipment.

3. Compact Design to Address Transportation Challenges

Facing the challenges of size limitations and road bumps during long-distance transportation, the team carefully designed a compact structure for the transformer, optimizing the overall product structure, reducing space occupation during transport, and lowering transportation costs and potential risks.

4. Implementation of Special Fixing Solutions

To ensure the safety of the transformer during long-distance transport, the team also designed special fixing solutions. These measures effectively reduce vibrations and shocks during transportation, ensuring the structural integrity and functional stability of the transformer, thus providing a solid foundation for on-site installation and subsequent operation.

Throughout the design and manufacturing process, the CEEG team not only focused on the performance of individual components but also considered the substation's system-level integration. By employing this holistic optimization approach, the team ensured high efficiency and stability for the substation when facing various challenges.

CEEG adheres to the core values of "Vision, Innovation, Responsibility" and is committed to providing efficient and reliable power products and services to global customers. The successful development of the outdoor SCZ18-10000/35 high voltage, large capacity dry-type transformer highlights CEEG's significant achievements in product innovation and market trend analysis. The success is mainly reflected in the following core elements:

1. Market Demand-Oriented

Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of market trends and customer needs, designing this box-type substation to address specific regional power supply requirements. This market-oriented R&D strategy ensures the product's market adaptability and customer satisfaction.

2. Supported by Advanced Technology

The company is committed to technological innovation, adopting on-load epoxy cast dry-type transformer technology and other core technologies to ensure the product's technical advantages in market competition and meet customers' demand for high-performance power equipment.

3. Targeting High Efficiency and Stability

This box-type substation integrates core technologies such as high and low-voltage surge arresters and on-load tap changers. High and low-voltage surge arresters effectively protect equipment from lightning strikes and voltage dips, while the on-load tap changer ensures stable voltage output, maintaining high efficiency and stability under load changes and grid fluctuations.

4. Enhancing with Smart Operation and Maintenance

The outdoor shell of the substation is equipped with an intelligent camera system, and the internal transformer is connected to a back-end intelligent wide-range voltage regulation system. This setup allows real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, fault warnings, and remote diagnostics. The intelligent system significantly enhances operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and improves the overall safety of the power system.

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