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CEEG Successfully Ships Energy-efficient Dry Transformers for BYD Thailand Project!

On October 16th, 35 units of SCB14 energy-efficient dry transformers were meticulously assembled in the workshop, getting ready for delivery to the customer. This batch of energy-efficient dry transformers will be used in the BYD Thailand Passenger Vehicle Production Base project by China Automotive Engineering. This marks CEEG's contribution to the global advancement of Chinese new energy technology, driven by their outstanding brand influence and product capabilities. From domestic prominence to international recognition,CEEG's journey towards global excellence is rapidly progressing.

Project Overview

On March 10, 2023, BYD Group celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of its first overseas passenger vehicle production facility, the BYD Thailand Factory, situated in the WHA Industrial Park in Rayong, Thailand. China Automotive Engineering was responsible for the overall planning, design, and construction of the entire facility.

The BYD Thailand Automotive Production Base is BYD's initial overseas venture in the passenger vehicle market. Located in the WHA Industrial Park in Rayong, it has an annual production capacity of 150,000 complete vehicles and is expected to begin production in 2024. The project encompasses all key automotive production processes, including stamping, welding, painting, and assembly, and also integrates BYD Group's expertise in power, technology, and component manufacturing, showcasing BYD's comprehensive approach to integrated vehicle production.

In this meticulous project development, especially in the selection of electrical equipment like transformers, BYD established stringent procurement standards. After thorough technical evaluations by multiple experts, they ultimately opted for CEEG's SCB14 energy-efficient dry transformers.

CEEG's SCB14 energy-efficient dry transformers comply with the 2020 version of the new national standards for level-two energy efficiency. They employ high-quality, highly magnetic-oriented silicon steel sheets for their iron cores, featuring a 45° full inclined step lap joint process, and a special moisture-resistant and anti-rust coating on the surface. These features effectively reduce no-load losses, no-load currents, and iron core noise. The product is safe and reliable, not contributing to combustion and being flame-retardant.

Before leaving the factory, the product undergoes rigorous testing and inspection according to national standards, including partial discharge tests, lightning impulse tests, and noise tests. With advanced testing equipment and a comprehensive inspection system, product quality and excellence are assured.

As China's manufacturing sector undergoes a deep transformation, CEEG remains committed to its role as a prominent "Chinese brand going global," delivering high-quality power solutions to the world and supporting the global transition to new energy technologies which injecting significant energy.

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