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CEEG Successfully Ships Transformers for Israeli Project!

CEEG announced the successful completion of research and production for the energy storage system integrated equipment destined for an Israeli project. After rigorous quality inspections by our company's quality assurance department, all products have undergone comprehensive testing, with results aligning perfectly with international standards and industry requirements.

This integrated equipment shipment not only incorporates our in-house developed specialized energy storage transformers as core components but also encompasses our holistic energy storage integration services.

To ensure timely production progress and stringent quality requirements , our production department engaged in multiple discussions with our technical team at the Research and Development Center. We carefully reviewed and adjusted production strategies and processes based on detailed feedback received from our sales and customer teams. This iterative process allowed us to optimize production and develop a well-structured scheduling plan, ensuring a highly efficient manufacturing process.

Simultaneously, we are committed to providing our clients with relevant video materials and remote technical guidance, offering comprehensive product maintenance support and training to guarantee the seamless commissioning of our products.

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