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CEEG won the "one-paper certificate" of the State Grid

The State Grid and China Southern Power Grid are the two largest power grids in China, with business areas covering the whole country and a power supply population exceeding 1.4 billion. The huge amount of power supply is accompanied by the purchase of a large number of power transmission and transformation equipment. In order to ensure the efficiency of procurement work, the two major power grids will conduct annual qualification reviews of major suppliers every year. Enterprises that have been pre-examined by the China Southern Power Grid will be eligible to participate in the State Grid Southern Power Grid project bidding.

The "one paper certificate" issued by the State Grid is a necessary certification document for enterprises to participate in the corresponding centralized bidding activities of the State Grid Corporation. It is also a demonstration of the strength of the enterprise.

For the State Grid supplier qualification and ability verification work, the supplier is first required to declare information online, and after the materials are approved, experts will be dispatched to form a special audit team for an on-site audit. The expert group covers the basic information of the enterprise, financial information, report certificate, design and development, technical strength, contract performance, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process, production environment, product capacity, test and inspection, raw materials and components, after-sales service, and supplier management, etc. Systematically evaluate supplier qualifications and performance capabilities from multiple projects, multiple dimensions, and multiple links.

After an efficient and intense review, the expert group highly recognized CEEG's strength in production, manufacturing, and R&D, and put forward higher expectations and suggestions for the company to carry out more product R&D in the future. Finally, after document review and on-site review, CEEG successfully obtained the certificate.

The acquisition of the State Grid's "one paper certificate" and the successful passing of the pre-qualification of the Southern Network's suppliers not only means that the company's products and strength have been highly recognized by the State Grid and the Southern Network, but also demonstrates the company's 6S lean management, The fruitful achievements in production research and development and hardware and software facilities.

It has laid a good foundation for the company to further develop markets, enhance influence, expand and strengthen comprehensive cooperation with State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, and continuously provide high-quality products and services.

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