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Directly to CBTC/ CEEG Collaborates with DuPont China for New Product Debut

From July 26th to 28th, the 3-day CBTC-2023 China International Energy Storage and Power Electronics Technology Exhibition officially opened at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. As a leading brand in the power transmission and distribution industry, CEEG focused on cutting-edge energy storage products and technologies, hosting the 'Lithium-Powered Future' 2023 Energy Storage-Specific Amorphous Alloy Transformer New Product Launch Conference. The event attracted a large crowd, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

CBTC is hosted by the China International Trade Promotion Committee's Commercial Industry Committee and the Hunan Battery Industry Association, bringing together influential suppliers in various fields such as photovoltaics, wind energy, energy storage technologies, power batteries, energy storage batteries,hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and showcasing the latest energy storage technologies.

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Joining Forces for a Bright Future

On July 26th,the 2023 Energy Storage-Specific Amorphous Alloy Transformer New Product Launch Conference officially commenced. Mr. Xincai Zhang, the Manager of CEEG, Mr. Hairu Ke, Sales Manager of DuPont's Nomex Electrical Insulation Department for China, Mr. Xiangshan Lian, Deputy Secretary of the CEEG Party Committee, industry media representatives, partner delegates, and on-site guests witnessed the global debut of this energy storage innovation. The conference was hosted by Ms. Xuelian Qian, Head of the CEEG Marketing Center.

Mr. Haifan Liu, representing DuPont, delivered a speech. He emphasized that the energy storage and lithium battery sectors are integral to China's '14th Five-Year Plan' for new infrastructure and play a crucial role in DuPont's global market strategy. CEEG is a strategic partner for DuPont, and their collaboration on 'paper' transformers dates back to 1999.

The combination of Nomex, a high-temperature, high mechanical strength, highly electrically insulating, and stable material, with CEEG's craftsmanship expertise, imparts safety, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness to transformers. With the further development of the energy storage and lithium battery industries, it is believed that more amorphous alloy energy storage transformers will be used across various sectors. DuPont is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with CEEG as they venture into the forefront of the new energy storage industry.

Mr. Xinrong Zhang, the Manager of CEEG, delivered a speech. He pointed out that over the years, CEEG and DuPont have maintained a stable and sincere partnership, constantly pioneering new products and exploring the future. The jointly developed products cover multiple specialized industry areas, consistently leading industry innovation.

Today, the grand unveiling of the new generation of energy storage-specific amorphous alloy dry-type transformers, in collaboration with DuPont, marks another milestone in their partnership within the energy storage field. This product is believed to become the 'golden partner' of the new energy storage industry chain and a testament to the sincere collaboration between CEEG and DuPont. In the future, CEEG will continue to uphold the mission of 'providing the world with driving force' and contribute to China's role in global green energy transformation with electric power.

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