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"Electricity Bank" - Store Energy During Idle Times, Discharge During Peak Demands!

Energy transition is a significant driver of human civilization's development and progress. Green and low-carbon initiatives have become global trends, with the renewable energy revolution attracting attention worldwide and serving as a crucial component for China to achieve its "dual carbon" goals. Against the backdrop of "peak carbon" and carbon neutrality, China's green and low-carbon transition has entered the fast lane comprehensively.

Global energy supply has been tight in recent years, and electricity costs remain high. Some countries and regions frequently experience power outages and restrictions, creating an opportune period for new energy systems to emerge. Simultaneously, renewable energy is rapidly proliferating and penetrating significantly. The need for energy storage continues to grow to ensure daily electricity demand. Faced with the vast prospects of the energy storage market, numerous companies are seizing the opportunity and introducing storage products.

"Energy storage technology functions as an "electricity bank," allowing electricity to be accessed anytime. It stores surplus electricity when available and releases it when needed, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and continuity.

Energy storage systems can be integrated into the grid as independent systems, playing roles such as peak shaving, valley filling, and reactive power compensation. These systems can also be combined with renewable energy generation to form wind-solar storage systems, smoothing the output of renewable energy and facilitating its integration into the grid. Additionally, energy storage systems can be deployed alongside wind power, photovoltaic power, and other renewable energy generation systems to form microgrid systems located at load centers, thereby improving energy utilization efficiency, enhancing power quality, increasing power supply reliability, and demonstrating environmental friendliness.

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