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Substation Integrated Automation

Substation Integrated Automation System: It is a comprehensive automation system that utilizes advanced computer technology, modern electronic technology, communication technology, and information processing technology to reorganize and optimize the functions of secondary equipment in substations (including relay protection, control, measurement, signaling, fault recording, automatic devices, and remote control devices, etc.), and to monitor, measure, control, and coordinate the operation of all equipment in the substation.

Substation Integrated Automation Technology: This involves the extensive use of microcomputer protection and microcomputer remote control technology, which respectively gathers analog quantities, pulse quantities, switch status quantities, and some non-electrical quantity signals in substations. Through functional recombination, according to predetermined procedures and requirements, it achieves the integration and full process automation of substation monitoring, measurement, coordination, and control, thereby realizing data sharing and resource sharing, and enhancing the overall efficiency of substation automation.

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