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Why do transformers use silicon steel sheets as cores?

Transformers use silicon steel sheets as cores because silicon steel sheets have high magnetic permeability and low resistance characteristics.

In a transformer, the iron core mainly plays the role of conducting magnetic flux. Therefore, the magnetic permeability of the iron core is very critical. Silicon steel sheet is a specially treated steel material with very high magnetic permeability, which can effectively conduct magnetic flux, and reduce magnetic flux loss and eddy current loss.

In addition, the transformer will produce electromagnetic induction during its operation, which will generate eddy currents in the iron core. These eddy currents cause energy losses and heating of the core, thereby reducing the efficiency of the transformer. Silicon steel sheets have low resistance characteristics, which can reduce eddy current losses and improve the efficiency of the transformer.

Therefore, using silicon steel sheets as the material of the transformer core can improve the efficiency of the transformer, reduce energy loss, and reduce the heat generated by the transformer, thereby extending the service life of the transformer.

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