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CEEG Hydrogen Dry-type Rectifier Transformer for Canada Projects.

The Canada single-unit 1000m³ hydrogen production project utilizes the CEEG ZHSZCB-5800/35kV hydrogen dry-type rectifier transformer.

CEEG dry-type rectifier transformers employ a novel insulation structure and advanced production processes, enhancing short-circuit capability and electrical strength for superior and reliable performance. In the design process, careful consideration is given to the impact of harmonic generation from rectification components on the transformer windings and core. Adequate margin is provided to enable the windings and core to withstand additional temperature rise caused by harmonics while maintaining lower noise levels, ensuring the transformer's operational lifespan.

The simplified grid structure allows for combined installation with electrical equipment such as rectifiers, eliminating the need for a separately designed distribution room and reducing initial investment costs. This design also facilitates integration with other electrical devices, contributing to a streamlined and cost-effective overall system.

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