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CEEG Mining Engineering Cases

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Shenhua Group

Shenhua Group has purchased multiple batches of products from CEEG, mainly including SG10 series dry-type transformers, KBSG series mine explosion-proof dry transformers, etc. The total purchase amount reached 36 million RMB.

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SDIC New Energy Group

CEEG won the bids for KBSG explosion-proof transformers from SDIC New Energy Group in two tenders. SDIC New Energy Group highly recognizes the unique cylindrical design and super flameproof performance of China Electrical Products.

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Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group

CEEG's KBSG mining explosion-proof transformer has won bids for many purchases due to its unique cylindrical design and excellent explosion-proof performance, and the cumulative contract value has reached more than 30 million RMB.

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