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CEEG Passes China Southern Power Grid (CSG) Prequalification Again

On June 22nd, China Southern Power Grid announced the results of the first round of supplier prequalification for 2024. CEEG's 10kV SCB dry-type transformer category passed the annual assessment and successfully made it to the list of qualified suppliers for CSG. This marks the second consecutive year that the company has been included in the qualified supplier lists for both State Grid and Southern Power Grid.

China Southern Power Grid is a major state-owned enterprise critical to national security and the backbone of the national economy. It has stringent standards and procedures for selecting suppliers. The assessment criteria for power companies by Southern Power Grid encompass multiple dimensions including production capacity, technological innovation, process control, raw material management, advanced equipment, sales performance, and industry influence, ensuring that companies possess excellent qualifications and strong capabilities.

Successfully passing this prequalification demonstrates CEEG's capabilities and strengths in on-site management, intelligent manufacturing, and talent deployment. It represents a new milestone in CEEG's development journey, laying a solid foundation for further market expansion, and strengthening comprehensive cooperation with Southern Power Grid, continually providing high-quality products and services.

CEEG has consistently improved its full-chain construction of product R&D, design, production, intelligent manufacturing, sales, installation, and after-sales services, optimizing the construction of digital factories, and deeply integrating the innovation chain with the industrial chain. The company continuously innovates and breaks through industry technical bottlenecks and challenges.

From the innovative use of Nomex® insulation paper to signing a strategic cooperation agreement with DuPont USA; from the forward-looking deployment of the SG series open-type dry-type transformer to the innovation of the SCRB semi-enclosed structure; from the selection of amorphous alloy strips to the independent development of three-phase three-column amorphous alloy transformers, CEEG is steadfastly committed to the path of "building a strong manufacturing nation."

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