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How Does the Transformer Complete the Transmission and Distribution?

Transformers play a vital role in power transmission and distribution systems, which realize efficient power transmission and distribution by changing the voltage size. The following is the detailed process of the transformer to complete the transmission and distribution:

1. Electric power generation and voltage boost

Electricity generation: Electricity is usually generated by power plants by burning fossil fuels, nuclear, wind, solar, or hydroelectric power. The voltage generated by the generator is generally low, usually in the range of several thousand volts (kV).

Boost transformers: To reduce energy loss during long-distance transmission, it is necessary to use a boost transformer to raise the voltage to a higher voltage class (such as 110kV, 220kV, 500kV, or higher). High-voltage transmission can significantly reduce current, reducing resistance losses along the transmission line.

2. High voltage transmission

Transmission lines: High-voltage current is transmitted through transmission lines (overhead lines or underground cables) to remote load centers (such as cities and industrial areas). Transmission of power under high voltage can effectively reduce transmission loss and improve transmission efficiency.

3. Step-down transformer

Step-down transformer: When the power is close to the place of use, it is necessary to drop the high voltage to the low voltage suitable for the user. Step-down transformers convert high voltage to lower medium or low voltage power (e.g. 10kV, 6.6kV, or lower).

Distribution transformer: The voltage level (e.g. 220V or 380V) required to further distribute electrical energy to end users such as domestic, commercial, and industrial users. Distribution transformers are usually installed near the user to ensure the stability and safety of the power supply.

4. End-user electricity

User power use: The power after voltage reduction is transmitted to the user through the distribution network for lighting, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, etc. Depending on the needs of different users, single-phase or three-phase power can be provided.

Through the above process, the transformer realizes the efficient transmission and distribution of electric energy from the power plant to the end user, ensuring modern society's power supply and use.

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