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CEEG Olympic Sports Cases

Beijing Winter Olympics Competition Venues-mrtw.jpg

Beijing Winter Olympics Competition Venues

The Beijing Winter Olympics, which opened on February 4, 2022, and closed on February 20, featured 7 major events, 15 sub-events, and 109 minor events. The Beijing Winter Olympics showcased unprecedented digitization, allowing more people to experience Olympic culture and excitement and setting new technological standards for the Olympics. The competition venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics adopted "upgraded" amorphous alloy dry-type transformers developed by CEEG, which have significantly low losses and noticeable energy-saving effects, contributing to green services for the Winter Olympics.

Beijing Olympic Traffic Command Center-ydlf.jpg

Beijing Olympic Traffic Command Center

The Olympic Traffic Command Center, located south of the current Traffic Management Bureau on Fuchengmen North Street in Xicheng District, with a total construction area of 19,876 square meters, provided first-class traffic management support for the capital around the 2008 Olympics. The Beijing Olympic Traffic Command Center project procured several units of CEEG's SCB10-1600/10 epoxy dry-type transformers, which have been running very stably since the end of 2006, earning praise for product quality and service from users.

National Olympic Sports Center Comprehensive Training Hall.jpg

National Olympic Sports Center Comprehensive Training Hall

The project for the National Olympic Sports Center Comprehensive Training Hall procured multiple units of CEEG's SG10-800/10 transformers. Technical experts from the project highly recognized the CEEG brand, expressing great satisfaction with the operational effectiveness of the products, especially appreciating their noise control and NOMEX insulation technologies.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Command Center.jpg

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Command Center

As a key national Olympic project, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Command Center project had stringent procurement standards, especially for selecting transformers and other electrical equipment. After deliberation by multiple technical experts, the project ultimately procured multiple units of CEEG's YB800/10 European-style box-type transformers and SC10-50/6 transformers.

Beijing Olympic Doping Control Center.jpg

Beijing Olympic Doping Control Center

The National Olympic Center Doping Control Center is the largest in Asia and a world-class doping detection laboratory, responsible for doping testing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and national team Olympic preparations. With its outstanding system integration and convenient maintenance operation, CEEG's YB.500/10 box-type substation stood out among many competitors and won the bid.

Shanghai F1 International Circuit.jpg

Shanghai F1 International Circuit

The Shanghai F1 International Circuit, completed in May 2004, has a main building and other major buildings covering approximately 150,000 square meters, including main and auxiliary stands, race control towers, administrative towers, press centers, sky restaurants, team living areas, and maintenance areas. In 2006, the Shanghai F1 International Circuit project procured two batches of SG1010 dry-type transformers from CEEG, which effectively ensured the successful completion of this world-renowned international event.

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